Health Benefits Children giving Natacionde

Are you sure your children get enough exercise during the week? Puedequesi.Pero the fact is that today a high percentage of children suffering from obesity in the world. An excellent solution, “Swimming lessons for children” . Several studies show that one of the best activities for children is swimming as it brings muchosbeneficios health. Aquatic Center- one of the best Schools Swimming Guatemalale offers children of all ages the opportunity to exercise while learning basic swimming skills. Additionally it is a fun and necessary activity for both children and their parents.



Because a child should learn to swim?

Swimming is an excellent way to strengthen the system inmunologicoyalcanzar adequate levels of physical health. Learning to swim and become familiar with water is one of the most important aspects in childhood that helps build self-esteem and aerobic capacity organismo.De according to several recent studies, swimming lessons has the potential to improve the intellectual capacity, sensory perception skills, coordination, motor and emotional development of the child.

Most important benefits of Swimming for Kids

  • Improves quality of sleep and promotes a healthy diet
  • It serves as an excellent cardiovascular activity that improves the health of the heart and lungs
  • Improves strength, flexibility and body balance
  • Aid in the prevention of chronic diseases such as childhood obesity and diabetes
  • Develops the mind and helps in emotional wellbeing
  • It uses all the muscles of the body
  • Essential for survival and water safety

Nataciontambién classes boost confidence and provide an opportunity to develop a masatletico body. For more information on Swimming lessons for children in Guatemala, contact Aquatic Center – 2312-0808 or email to

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